About Milli Thornton

Milli lives in a small town in Idaho, two hours drive from her birth place of Wallace, Idaho. She has also lived in Oregon, Montana, New Mexico and Mississippi (to name a few) and she lived in Australia for 25 years (and still misses it).

In addition to online course presenter, she's a creative writing coach with 20+ years helping writers, an accountability coach, clarity coach, travel blogger and aspiring screenwriter with four finished scripts.

Milli Thornton, coach and course presenter at Lucky Learning

Milli did four years in the Southwest and California as a full-time house sitter and still takes on the occasional part-time gig. Her next gig is coming up during the winter holiday season, when she'll be cat sitting in a beach bungalow in Southern California.

She's pictured above on a very windy day at Natural Bridges Beach in Santa Cruz, California during one of her winter house-sitting jobs.

Milli is a happy writer, a lover of journaling and always a passionate teacher and coach. A fierce advocate for creativity and the imagination, she approaches everything she does ever-mindful of the powers of intuition and the subconscious mind.

“Why I love teaching and coaching”

Milli shares her reasons


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