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Why I love teaching and coaching

coaching creativity online courses Sep 03, 2020

What excites me most in life?


Unleashing potential.

Learning experientially.

Tapping into personal power.

These are some of the many reasons I love teaching and coaching. And my passion for all that is the driving force behind Lucky Learning.

Creativity (aka lifeblood)

Creativity is my lifeblood. I can't thrive without it—and I believe most people share this deep need.

(If you think you're not creative you may be limiting your definition of the word.)

Because creativity is so precious to me, I adore helping others develop their own. Even when the course is about something pragmatic, such as beating procrastination, I'm always thinking about creativity.

(Show me a creative person who doesn't sometimes drag his or her feet about writing, painting, singing, quilting, designing. . . .)

Unleashing potential

In my 20 years as a workshop leader, coach and online course presenter, I've met a multitude of people suffering from lack of self-belief. And, yet, when I work with these same people, they often wow me with their innate abilities.

Over the years I've developed specific methods to trigger potential to rise to the surface and express itself, even through someone with poor self-belief. And I never tire of seeing the results. Every time a client or student responds to a trigger by unleashing their potential, I'm thrilled to the core.

I even get goose bumps!

Learning experientially

“Experiential” is a dry word, right? Learning through experience is a friendlier way of putting it—and that's exactly the point. Learning through experience is user-friendly.

(Well, most of the time, anyway. “Learning the hard way” is in a different class.)

I love to learn through my own experience. And I love creating courses and coaching programs that provide you with immediate, hands-on experience.

Tapping into personal power

The word “power” has acquired some deeply unsavory connotations in our society. We don't hear enough about authentic use of power, which has nothing to do with strong-arm tactics. How about these forms of power:

  • Creativity
  • Self-growth
  • Helping others
  • Contributing to a group
  • Providing a valuable service
  • Providing stress relief, such as through entertainment

I'm sure you could add to the list.

Ever since I went through the most disempowering phase of my life, I have realized how important and misunderstood personal power really is. That's why I'll be developing more courses at Lucky Learning to help people tap into various facets of their personal power.

And that gives me enormous fulfillment.

Here's why I'm lucky

Another reason I love teaching and coaching is because of the many wonderful and fascinating people I meet in my work.

For example, “The A-Team,” a trio of women whose first names all start with the letter A. The A-Team embarked on a learning journey together under my guidance, supporting one another through thick and thin. They were a hoot! And they warmed my heart to the core.

Then there's the young blind woman with the easy-to-love personality who fights against her own anxiety to achieve her goals step by step. Despite her self-doubt, she always surpasses my expectations.

And there's the retired master plan community developer who wanted to write down his thoughts on science and the universe but who turned out to be a natural writer. He consistently uncovers potential he didn't realize he had.

Lucky Learning

I hope I'll have the pleasure of working with you, too, at some point, if I'm not already. It's always an adventure, and I love my work!


Milli Thornton is the coach and online course presenter at Lucky Learning. Nearly everything on this website (including the website itself) was hand-created by Milli. She pours her passion and desire to be of service into everything she does.

Milli Thornton, coach and online course presenter