Early Bird discounts
(get one today!)

Who are the Early Birds?

Early Birds are students who enroll before I've finished building a new course. They have to wait till I finish building it to start their course—but they get a DEEP discount for their patience.

Why are Early Birds important around here?

For a bunch of reasons. Early Birds “vote with their money”—meaning that each enrollment lets me know there's a demand for that course. Early Birds give me incentive to finish a course sooner. And Early Birds give me valuable feedback with how they use the course once the doors are open. That means I can improve the course right away, while my Early Birds are still using that curriculum.

How often do you give these discounts?

I'm always developing a new course or coaching program, so the answer is: ALWAYS! Just look below to find the latest Early Bird offer.

S.E.E.R. (Smart & Easy Emotional Relief) online course

Cut down on the amount of inner and outer conflict in your life. Find faster relief whenever words or an event triggers your emotions. 60% discount


Tried this one yet?

Our flagship course is You Can Beat Procrastination. Almost everyone needs this! Click the button to enroll.