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Hello, I'm Milli Thornton.


I've always been passionate about helping myself and others unleash the potential that's hidden within. I enjoy finding simple, practical and even FUN ways to do this, and then transforming it into a step-by-step, enjoyable learning experience.

“We’ll never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it.”
— Travis Rice


About Milli Thornton


Milli lives in a small town in Idaho, two hours drive from her birth place of Wallace, Idaho. She has also lived in Montana, Oregon, New Mexico and Mississippi (to name a few!) and she lived in Australia for 25 years (and still misses it!).

In addition to course presenter, she's a creative writing coach with 20+ years helping writers, an accountability coach, a travel blogger and an aspiring screenwriter with four finished scripts.

Milli did four years in the Southwest and California as a full-time house sitter and still takes on the occasional part-time gig. Her next gig is coming up during the winter holiday season, when she'll be cat sitting in a beach bungalow in Southern California.

(Sadly, that's now been postponed due to COVID-19.)

Milli is a happy writer, a lover of coffee and journaling, and always a passionate teacher and coach. A fierce advocate for creativity and the imagination, she approaches everything she does ever-mindful of the powers of intuition and the subconscious mind.

She's pictured below on a windy day at Natural Bridges Beach in Santa Cruz, California, during a house-and-cat-sitting job.

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Milli Thornton with a hand full of lucky eights
Milli Thornton at tea in Tucson, Arizona
Milli Thornton with the Rubicon she had fun driving during a house-sitting job in Taos, New Mexico

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