Smart & Easy
Emotional Relief

S.E.E.R. (Smart & Easy Emotional Relief)

A learning course that cuts past the “just think positive” bandaids to give you simple but profound ways to find emotional relief faster.

If you're fed up with having emotions you can't seem to tame—and if you're basically stable enough for some emotional self-help—enroll in S.E.E.R. and discover the key to faster emotional relief.

Online Course. Easy Learning.

In this online course you will:

  • understand why your emotions persist even when you think you've dealt with them
  • learn a simple method that sounds even too simple to bring you relief
  • get enough insight and support to help you practice the method until it starts to become second nature
  • learn how to deal with old emotions that resurface from time to time
  • understand how this method can help you cut down on conflict in your life
  • befriend others in a safe space who are learning this method alongside you

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“Milli is amazing. Her sensitive and intuitive approach really worked for me. She knew exactly how to get me over my blocks. She has lots of tools and wisdom. Milli is very good at what she does.”

— Nino Farruggio, Long Island, NY

S.E.E.R. (Smart & Easy Emotional Relief) online course*

Cut down on the amount of inner and outer conflict in your life. Find faster relief whenever words or an event triggers your emotions. Full price $350. Early Bird $140.

* This opportunity is only open to customers residing in the USA.



Please know this is not counseling or therapy. If you have a serious emotional issue, please seek the right type of professional support.

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