Refund policy

Our policy is valid for a period of 30 calendar days from the date of the purchase. A pro-rated refund will be issued for the unused portion of the services. If the period of 30 days has lapsed since the purchase, we can't, unfortunately, offer you a refund.

Refund requirements

The following criteria must be met to qualify for a refund:

  • Customer's account must be in good standing
  • Service malfunctions or doesn't work as described
  • Agreed-to terms of service have not been violated (see * below)

If the conditions listed above are not met, we reserve the right not to issue a refund. It's important to keep in mind that there is often a difference between a service that doesn't work and a situation where you are receiving an error message. Error messages could be related to an incorrect setup, configuration or software and as a result the service is not working.

Please Make Your Purchase Thoughtfully

Lucky Learning does everything in its power to make the nature of its website and offerings clear and fair to everyone. However, you the website visitor are responsible for looking closely at what you're purchasing to ensure you're making an appropriate purchase. If you have questions regarding a course or coaching program, feel free to contact Milli Thornton for clarification. A link to the Contact page is at the bottom of this document.

Before You Request a Refund

To complete their purchase, every new customer has to tick a box on the checkout page to agree to these terms:

I'm enrolling because I want to get results. If I have trouble getting results, I agree to ask my course presenter [or my coach] for help.

If, for any reason, you're struggling in your course or coaching program, we ask that you first contact the course presenter/coach (Milli Thornton) to ask for help. Oftentimes your issue can be resolved and you can then continue with the course to obtain the results you enrolled for.

Specific Reasons Where a Refund Will Be Appropriate (Online Courses)

1. If you have purchased a course that isn't suitable for your needs, let us know right away and we will issue a refund. If you have already taken part of the course, we will issue a prorated refund.
2. If you sincerely tried the methods presented by the course but you did not get results, we will issue a refund. You must specify how you applied the methods and give an example of your lack of results.

Specific Reasons Where a Refund Will Be Appropriate (Coaching)

1. If, after sincere attempts, the right chemistry doesn't exist between the coach and client, a pro-rated refund will be issued.
2. If, after sincere effort, you are unable to feel progress or get results after two weeks of coaching, a pro-rated refund will be issued.

(*) No Refund for Ejection

During checkout, customers are required to checkmark a box to accept these terms of service:

I agree not to post critiques or unsolicited advice to fellow students. I understand that Lucky Learning is not a platform for preaching my religious or political beliefs. See footer menu of website for full policies.

Soon after entering their chosen course, participants are reminded of the terms they agreed to. Ergo, even if a student or coaching client failed to read the terms during checkout, they have no reason to be ignorant of these rules. These rules are in place so that all students can enjoy a harmonious experience.

If a student or coaching client violates the rules about preaching or critiquing, a warning will be given. If her or she persists, login privileges will be revoked and no refund will be offered.

Contacting us

If you would like to contact us concerning any matter relating to this Refund Policy, you may do so via the contact form

This document was last updated on July 28, 2020