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Our flagship course

Get unstuck. Get fast results. Then change your mindset the easy way and understand how to avoid procrastination in the future.

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Milli's got a whole slew of courses on her palette. You get to vote! Which course should she finish building next? (5-min. survey)

Meet Milli

Milli is the owner and course presenter at Lucky Learning. Get the scoop on her career background and personal interests.

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Why do I call my courses Lucky Learning?


Raves for Milli's methods

Milli's been teaching and coaching with great passion since 2001. Read a sprinkling of the many raves from her clients and students.


Sample a curriculum

Curious about what's inside once you're given a password? Click the green button to see the curriculum for our flagship course, You Can Beat Procrastination.


Lucky Learning blog

Blog posts related to the course topics at Lucky Learning.


For Writers & Closet Writers

Milli is also an experienced writing coach. If you're struggling to write a novel, memoir, screenplay, blog posts, children's or YA fiction, spiritual, self-help or Christian book, click the green button to try a week of coaching.


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