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Ellen Kent

“Milli has the gift of listening, and the intuition to help the writer channel into cause and solution. My personal progress on overcoming writer’s block has been nothing short of remarkable. The best description is to say it has EVAPORATED.”

Ellen Kent, Chicago, IL, novel

3,500 words, just for starters

After five years of writer's block with her novel, during her first week one client wrote 3,500 words. These types of results are not uncommon under Milli's guidance. Even more is possible if you have the time and really apply yourself. For instance, Leigh, a client in New Mexico, reported this:

“I couldn’t wait to get
started with a coaching program.
I got my first assignment and
wrote 10,000 words over five
days. I was having so much fun,
and was so delighted to see
I could still be creative,
I had to tear myself
away from the laptop to
tend to the necessities of life!”

One of the keys is Milli's ability to listen deeply and understand your needs.

Another key is the assignments and their ability to tap into your imagination. This power needs to be experienced to be understood. The assignments are the opposite of generic: they're tailor-made for you and based on your current writing project, eg. your novel, screenplay, memoir, blog, etc.

Coffee and magazine

“Milli changed my perception about writing. I began to see my writing differently and even see myself differently. She saw potential, strengths, and passions in me that I wasn’t aware I had.”

Lisa Naté Carter, Stockton, CA, how-to articles

The Coaching Program

Fiction and non-fiction writers welcome. Here's the structure and rhythm of the coaching:

  • Private writing forum (only you and your coach have access)
  • 1-hour weekly coaching session
  •  Custom-created writing assignments
  • Same-day support for questions or writer's block
  • Increased productivity (write more!)
  • Friendly accountability (get your assignments done)
  • Evergreen writing tips with prominent visibility (for repeat exposure)
  • Encouraging feedback for your completed assignments (makes you want to write more)
  • Insightful suggestions for how to improve your writing and/or your writing process


Limited seating

Currently available: 1 seat (updated 4/5/2023)

I enroll only a tiny number of clients at a time. This is so I can give you highly personalized service.

Try the introductory week

The intro week gives you a chance to road-test the coaching. If you love it and decide to continue, dedicated coaching programs are available after that—but you must first try the introductory week. More details below.

Tiffany J. Kim

“I've never found anyone up until now that I felt truly understood the magnitude of my creativity and not only accepted and understood it, but also embraced and nurtured it within me, so that I could also accept and embrace it, too. Milli's guiding light helped to reignite my own and give me the strength and resolve to continue my journey.”

Tiffany J. Kim, Carpinteria, CA, writing student

Coaching programs & fees

The introductory week ($350) is the only time a single week of coaching is available.

My service is designed for writers who are willing to commit to a coaching program, to help them make substantial progress on their big project (eg., novel, screenplay, memoir, self-help book). The introductory week is so you can find out whether or not this is a good fit for you before you make a commitment.

After that, 12 weeks of coaching is $4,200. The 24-week program is $8,400 and comes with a $500 discount (you pay $7,900). The 48-week program is $16,800 and comes with a $1,200 discount (you pay $15,600).

Money-back guarantee

There's no point being stuck in a week of coaching if you get in there and realize it's not the right fit. It's no fun for me, either. I handle this by offering two safety nets.

The first safety net is that you'll go through an induction process after you make your $350 payment. This will show you some of the level of detail I go to to cater to you as an individual.

The second is the money-back guarantee. Within the first 2 days of your introductory week, if it’s obvious to one or both parties that we’re not a match, your money will be refunded. (By then you would have access to your private forum, your first coaching call would be over and your first assignment delivered. This will give you everything you need to assess whether it's a fit for you.)

Why no free consultation?

I stopped doing free consultations because too many people abused it. These were usually writers who wanted free coaching or who did not take the time to understand my service before applying.

These days, I choose to spend my time only on those who are serious enough to enroll and pay. The first step is to enroll in the introductory week of coaching, which is $350 (and it comes with a money-back guarantee, see above). If you like the coaching and the results you got, then you'll know for sure whether you want to take on a coaching program.

If you're not sure my service will suit your needs, first read this entire web page again. After that, if you have questions, please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact me. You can ask as many questions as you like. But, after that, the introductory week is how you'll find out what this is like.

Got a question?

Use the Contact form near the bottom of this page to get a reply from Milli within 24 hours.

Liz Weber

“I just want to say THANK YOU. You are the reason I've come this far, and I am so grateful for your support and great spirit. OH, and those assignments! NOTHING will ever beat those.”

Liz Weber, Brooklyn, NY, TV pilot
Testimonial for creative writing coach

Milli has an uncanny ability to see into you as an individual and find the right strategies and insights, just for you, to set your creative self free. She’s so passionate about her coaching it’s impossible not to be inspired.

L.L., Taos, NM, fantasy novel
Erin Moore, testimonial

“These assignments, along with the feedback, have helped my confidence. This program has been so uplifting for me.”

— Erin Moore, Knoxville, TN, Christian fiction
Coaching client testimonial

What works for me with Milli is that she understands the link between personality and writing. Her assignments are frighteningly on-target for a writer’s inner self. It’s scary how she can pick up the personal vibrations and tailor lessons accordingly. If she were a one-size-fits-all coach, it wouldn’t work for me.

— V. Lathom, MD, travel writing & memoir

Write More Words introductory week*

Personalized, private coaching for fiction and non-fiction writers. Get inspired, feel more creative and productive, and easily increase your output of words. $350

* This opportunity is only open to customers residing in the USA.


Got a question about the coaching?

Milli Thornton is the writing coach and she's very approachable.

Please give as much detail as you can so Milli can give you a thorough response. The message box will expand as you type, so keep going if you need more space.

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