Raves for Milli's methods

Coach & Online Course Presenter, Milli Thornton

Milli's been teaching and coaching with great passion since 2001. Read a sprinkling of the many testimonials from her clients and students.

“Unfortunately, I am very good at procrastinating, and even though I knew this was what I needed, I managed to put it off for quite some time. After spending much time frustrated and still fearful, I finally connected with Milli and signed on for her instruction. To say my time with her was life-changing would be an understatement.”
Lisa Naté Carter, Stockton, California

“I just want to say THANK YOU. You are the reason I've come this far, and I am so grateful for your support and great spirit. OH, and those assignments! NOTHING will ever beat those.”
Liz Weber, Brooklyn, New York

“This method netted me over $600. It only took me one hour and ten minutes to complete the project I'd been putting off for two-and-a-half YEARS. Milli makes sure you follow through on your goals. She’s firm but kind and for some reason, her magic (I mean, methods) work.”
— Catherine Nichols, San Diego, California

“Just read the first lesson last night, and you were speaking directly to me! If my fiancee hadn’t been sleeping I would have shouted, 'That is SO me!' I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you that, but I just had to say thanks!”
— Jenn Martin, Hawai’i

“Milli is madly passionate. She continually finds new ways to keep us from falling off the wagon.”
— Ramakrishna “Cram” Chavali, Tokyo, Japan


Below is an email from a student who found out she accidentally paid full price ($350) for a course she could have paid $140 for (Early Bird discount). I offered her a refund so she could re-enroll at the lower price, but she declined the refund, with these kind words:

Tiffany J. Kim

“I've seen you in action. You're such a conscientious and caring person who does your very best. I'm sure that any course you create will be thoughtfully executed, filled with invaluable content, and provide your students an opportunity to make meaningful and positive changes if they put in the work.”

— Tiffany J. Kim, Carpinteria, CA

“Milli is amazing. Her sensitive and intuitive approach really worked for me. She knew exactly how to get me over my blocks and unlock my creative flow. She has lots of tools and wisdom. Milli is very good at what she does. She makes a difficult process seem easy and effortless.”
Nino Farruggio, Long Island, New York

“I'm having a lot of fun with the lessons and seem to be doing more thinking imaginatively than ever before. It's quite contagious!! I sincerely appreciate all the kind words and good tips.”
Linda Adams, Kingsville, Texas

“I am so on fire! I’ll try not to inundate you with my assignments, but I’m having so much fun with your course that it's hard to stop myself. I feel so safe in this course already—that is a treat to me!”
Claudia Errington, Woodland, California

“I'm having fun being surprised by all of your revisions in the online course. The overarching concepts are still in the forefront, but, the new formats and additions continually ambush me in the most delightful ways! Having said that, what impresses me most is the quality of your writing. It's a joy and an inspiration to read each word, including the aptly-chosen quotations and anecdotes. You've raised instructional writing to the level of art.”
— Creative writing student, Nov 2014