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You Can Beat Procrastination!

It only took me one hour and ten minutes to complete the project I'd been putting off for two-and-a-half YEARS.
Catherine Nichols, San Diego, California

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S.E.E.R. (Smart & Easy Emotional Relief)

Find faster relief whenever words or an event triggers your emotions. Cut down on the amount of inner and outer conflict in your life.

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Clarity Coaching

We're all busy looking for success and happiness—meanwhile, we may be neglecting one of the most powerful tools that can help us get there.

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Coaching for Writers

Milli has 20 years experience supporting writers. Her coaching style is a gentle but potent blend of creativity, productivity, encouragement and ways to improve.

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Lucky Learning Café

Lucky Learning members community. Post photos and video, share your triumphs and challenges, tap into the uplifting powers of group energy. Monthly group call.

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Milli has many other courses on her palette: life skills, emotional health, writing skills and more. Take the survey to vote for which course you want next. 

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If you're procrastinating on this page, that may be a sign you need our online course, You Can Beat Procrastination. Click the button to get a huge discount!