Sandy Schairer, Fear of Writing Clinic workshop participant, New Mexico

“I’m still so amazed at how the Fear of Writing method WORKS for me. I can write creatively and leave my stuffy old left brain out of it!”

— Sandy Schairer, Tijeras, New Mexico

“The Fear of Writing Clinic”
a local writing workshop 

Sunday April 21, 2024
Noon - 8 PM

Craft Artbar & Studio
118 East 3rd Street
Moscow, Idaho

You'll have a phone call with Milli before payment is expected. More details below.


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To provide a safe atmosphere for writers to blossom in, this workshop operates on a “no critique” policy. This means participants are expected to communicate with each other in an encouraging and considerate manner. Anyone who critiques or criticizes their fellow students will be excused with no refund.

“I’ve been writing non-stop ever since the workshop. I had a fantastic idea for a book based on one of your exercises and I’ve been writing it ever since. I can’t tell you the joy that I’m feeling.”

— Kerrée Wheelock, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Milli (right, sitting) and workshop participants in Taos, New Mexico
Milli Thornton (seen above with workshop participants in Taos, New Mexico) is a writing workshop presenter with a resounding belief in the riches of the imagination and creative expression. Her workshops tend to break the mold and leave participants surprised, delighted and feeling rejuvenated. 

The Fear of Writing Clinic: a safe & fun writing adventure

Sharpen your pencil and get ready to write! No matter what your level of writer’s block, lack of inspiration, or sheer terror of failure, you’ll find yourself hitting the page with irresistible stories and full-blown characters almost from the moment you sit down. The pressure is taken off of you to “dredge up something worth writing” and you can simply let the magic happen.

Meanwhile, you’ll discover that your imagination is far richer than you ever suspected. This is accomplished in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. If you’re shy, you can sit back and wait until it feels comfortable to offer your insights. But everyone—even the grimmest who believe they have “no talent”—must come prepared to write. You’ll be glad you did. The Storyteller writing prompts have been known to unblock even the most secretive of closet writers—and the biggest scaredy cats!

Milli Thornton, Lucky Learning course owner

Milli Thornton, writing workshop presenter 

Milli is an author, a workshop presenter, an online course presenter and writing coach with 22+ years of experience helping and supporting writers.

“Milli is amazing. Her sensitive and intuitive approach really worked for me. She knew exactly how to get me over my blocks and unlock my creative flow. She has lots of tools and wisdom. Milli is very good at what she does. She makes a difficult process seem easy and effortless.”

— Nino Farruggio, Long Island, NY 

“Milli, you cannot imagine how much positive impact you have had on me, my writing, and I’m sure, tons of other people!”

— Sandy Fleming, Pipe Creek, Texas

Personalized enrollment

Writing workshop presenter Milli Thornton has been working with writers for 22+ years. She's warm and friendly, and she really cares about your experience at her writing events. Milli uses the personalized enrollment process to help you feel comfortable well before the day of the event. Here's what to expect during the enrollment process:

  • application form to help you clarify your reasons for wanting to attend
  • meet Milli in a 20-minute phone call before you pay
  • Pay by Zelle (straight from your bank account) or by PayPal with a credit card*

* You do not need a PayPal account to pay by PayPal. 

Milli (right, sitting) and workshop participants in Taos, New Mexico

Who is this workshop for?

No matter what level you're at—from timid and inexperienced to published (and maybe even feeling a bit jaded)—this workshop will inject new energy into your writing.

This workshop is for you if you enjoy

  • laughing and having fun!
  • writing in an atmosphere of mutual encouragement
  • learning new or more colorful ways to access your creativity
  • having a workbook to take home with you so you can relive the workshop

“Milli is the most inspirational and giving person I know. She loves helping others find their inner writer. I love you, Milli, and I appreciate all the opportunities you have ever given me.”

— Teresa Davis, Lufkin, Texas

The Student Workbook

Fear of Writing Clinic student workbook

What's inside the student workbook?

Each workshop participant receives their own colorful workbook. Here's some of what's inside:

  • how to get the most from your workbook
  • writing exercises to help with fear
  • writing exercises for fun & creativity
  • 10 hints for getting the most from the writing exercises
  • a magical example showing how to be specific and how to use suggestion in your writing
  • how to invent fun names for the characters you'll be writing about
  • photo gallery of some past workshop participants
  • how to create a writing circle after the workshop that will give you weekly doses of this fun way of writing (comes with Milli's support to set up the group)
  • resources you can look into after the workshop that will also give you outlets for this new kind of writing
  • inspirational articles related to fear of writing


At the beginning of the day I felt like “Ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, I can't write anything around these people—they're all so good and I'm just going to sound dumb!” But we both had a really, really good time. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

— Susan Smith, San Antonio, Texas, attending with her 16-year-old daughter, Caitlin Smith

Workshop Setting: Craft Artbar & Studio, Moscow, Idaho

Meghan Miller of Craft Artbar and Studio, Moscow, Idaho

Setting details: 

MEGHAN MILLER (seen above), the owner of Craft Artbar & Studio in Moscow, is kindly allowing us to use part of her space for the Fear of Writing Clinic.

Among the features you'll enjoy at the Craft studio:

  • a creative environment where others not attending the writing workshop will be painting pottery and canvas
  •  a friendly and welcoming environment
  • JarCuterie lunches (charcuterie in a jar)—a Craft Artbar specialty and included in your workshop fee 
  • wine & beer menu for toward the end of the workshop if you so desire

Cost and what's included

This full-day workshop provides high value. You won't just be sitting passively, listening to someone talking about writing. This is a hands-on workshop where you'll be happily writing and sharing. 

COST $165 

What you get

  • writing exercises that will tap into your creative and expressive powers in ways you may not have tried before
  • a powerful strategy for turning fear to creativity
  • Milli's “no critique” policy so you can relax and enjoy every moment 
  • helpful tips for avoiding self-sabotage during the workshop
  • the benefit of Milli's kind encouragement and her 22+ years of experience working with writers
  • a feeling of community with like-minded writers and creative souls
  • catered lunch (JarCuteries: more details on the Craft Artbar Studio website)
  • a workbook to take home with you after the workshop


Friendly reminder: You won't have to pay till you've had your enrollment call with Milli

“I really enjoyed your workshop. It was fun!”

— Raven Puente, Spring Branch, Texas

“The Fear of Writing Clinic”
a local writing workshop 

April 21, 2024
Noon - 8 PM

Craft Artbar & Studio
118 East 3rd Street
Moscow, Idaho

You'll have a phone call with Milli before payment is expected. More details below.

Fear of Writing . . . putting the FUN back into writing!

“Milli’s techniques are so friendly and non-frightening.  The exercises are fantastic—they wind up your imagination and let it go and then wonderful things happen.”

— Susan Smith, San Antonio, Texas
Lynn Rae artist studio, Tucson, Arizona