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On the Home page, visitors can find out what type of service Lucky Learning offers. It presents suggestions for aspects of the website that can be explored. Sometimes activities are offered, such as how to take a survey to vote for which online course should be released next. The Home page offers a menu for the website, as well as links to the policies pages.

Online Courses and Coaching

Using the Online Courses and Coaching page, visitors can view our lineup of courses and get an overview of the various types of coaching, as well as accessing whatever survey is currently being offered. Here is our current lineup:

You Can Beat Procrastination
S.E.E.R. (Smart & Easy Emotional Relief)
Lucky Learning Café
Clarity Coaching
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More Coming Soon

Early Bird discounts

Students can save money by enrolling ahead of time, while a new course is still under construction. Discounts are deep to reward you for your patience. Visit the Early Bird discounts page to see the latest offer.


On our FAQs page, visitors can get answers to their questions about the website itself, about enrolling in courses or coaching programs, about the course experience and about subscribing. More FAQs will be added as questions come in.


By clicking on Raves in the main menu, visitors can read testimonials about course presenter Milli Thornton and her teaching and coaching methods. All testimonials are genuine and used with permission.


Our About page provides several images of Milli Thornton (a closeup as well as a landscape shot), along with a bio that offers some personal and professional background about the owner of this website.


The Contact page offers an email submission form with the invitation Got a question? Milli Thornton is the site owner. She replies personally to all genuine inquiries. The site owner's office address is also available on this page.

Sample Curriculum

Available on our Sample Curriculum page is a screenshot of part of the curriculum from our flagship course, You Can Beat Procrastination. Here visitors can understand visually the typical layout of a course, where lessons are presented in sections. The image shows that our online courses are multi-media—incorporating text, video, audio, worksheets and assignments—and that students are able to comment on the lessons, as well as enjoy the comments of their fellow students.


By accessing our store, website visitors can browse through our various store departments, including Lucky Learning merchandise, health and supplements, journals, hypnotherapy, comfortable sleep, study aids and more.


The Login page is where students and coaching clients can securely type their username and password in order to gain non-public access to their purchased products.


The footer menu of our website (which is available on every page of the site) contains links to our policies, including Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Cookies NoticeDisclaimer and Refund Policy. Our policies are attorney-drafted legal agreements that cover the universal issues, along with clauses that pertain to specific aspects or situations of this business and website.


Visitors to the Lucky Learning blog can enjoy blog posts on topics related to the courses and coaching programs at Lucky Learning. Blog categories include procrastination, online business, passion, inspiration, motivation, personal development, emotions, house sitting, time management, creativity, writing, meditation, simplicity, thriving, manifesting and health.

Guest Blogger Submission Guidelines

By following our guest blogger guidelines, you can be published on the Lucky Learning blog, complete with author photo, bio and links to your website and social media.

Blog Posts

Here are links to the individual blog posts, with post categories alongside. More posts are being added on a weekly basis.

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