8 Secrets for
Being a
Happy Writer
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“I love the idea of being a happy writer! Thank you for such a great idea. You should write a book on how to be a happy writer, I’m sure they would sell like hotcakes coz writers generally tend be a little on the unhappy side or the world is only too keen to make and keep us unhappy!!”
Feeling eager? A bit curious? This was from a writer quoted in the course. 

8 Secrets for Being a Happy Writer

What a writer needs to do to get published typically approaches writing from the “success” angle. With all the writing and publishing advice out there, it can be easy to lose sight of a fundamental: writing should first of all be about creativity, the imagination, and the joy of writing

Unless you know how to be a happy writer—with or without publishing success—it may be difficult to fully enjoy your success when it does come along. This course will give you the right happiness mindset.

The 8 secrets (and their accompanying writing assignments) will give you a refreshing new take on how to succeed—by establishing a solid relationship with your own creativity.

Milli Thornton, Lucky Learning course owner

Milli Thornton, Lucky Learning course owner

“Milli is amazing. Her sensitive and intuitive approach really worked for me. She knew exactly how to get me over my blocks and unlock my creative flow. She has lots of tools and wisdom. Milli is very good at what she does. She makes a difficult process seem easy and effortless.”

— Nino Farruggio, Long Island, New York

Personalized enrollment

Course owner Milli Thornton has been working with writers for 22+ years. She's warm and friendly, and she really cares about your experience here at Lucky Learning. Here's what to expect during the enrollment process:

  • application form to help you clarify your reasons for enrolling
  • meet Milli in a 20-minute phone call before you pay
  • choose the tuition that suits you*

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Online Course. Easy Learning.

In this online course you will:

  • be doing 11 writing assignments—2 about the imagination and 9 about writing happiness
  • gain perspective on the difference between happiness and success
  • feel inspired to see your writing life in a whole new light
  • retain the benefits of this course by using the 11 assignments to make it real
  • self-paced course, with friendly support available from the course owner
  • befriend others in a safe space who are learning this method alongside you
  • attend meet-ups especially for the members of this course to enliven your relationship with being a happy writer.

“I need encouragement. I need to be fed. My inner-writer needs a safe place and it's here in this course. I'm already benefitting from this freedom and encouragement, and I haven't even gotten to the Assignments or the Secrets yet. The connections between my soul, heart and mind are growing and glowing.”

— Dwight Hurych, Greensboro, NC

Tuition options

When you fill out the application form during enrollment, you can select whichever course fee is right for you. If you change your mind after your 20-minute enrollment call with Milli, you can select a different tuition at that point. 

BRING-A-FRIEND $199 each (Mandatory: A friend must enroll with you.)

If $199 is the most you can spend, and if you’re burning to get started, I encourage you to turn over every rock looking for a friend to enroll with. Post a request on Facebook, as well as putting out word of mouth among your non-Facebook friends. The biggest benefit of enrolling with a friend is mutual support. You can keep each other accountable. You can also read each other's assignments and leave encouraging comments for each other. 

SOLO STUDENT (self-motivating) $350

“Solo Student” means relying on yourself for emotional support—and for sticking with it to the finish line. If you have strong reasons for enrolling alone, be aware that you’ll have to be your own cheerleader. The curriculum does offer plenty of support tools to help you through (and you can ask Milli for clarification if you don’t understand something), but you won’t have the benefit of direct support from Milli or a friend. The exception to this is if others in the course leave supportive comments on your work. But that may not happen unless you make the effort to read the work of others and leave encouraging comments first.


Includes a 1-hour coaching call with Milli, as well as friendly accountability with Milli by text message Mondays thru Fridays. She will also read all of your assignments and leave encouraging and insightful comments. Milli is a writing coach with 22+ years of experience helping and supporting writers. She is also an accountability coach. One client described it this way: “Milli makes sure you follow through on your goals. She’s firm but kind and for some reason, her magic, I mean, methods work.”


To provide a safe atmosphere for writers to blossom in, this course operates on a “no critique” policy. This means students are expected to communicate with each other in an encouraging and considerate manner. Anyone who critiques or criticizes their fellow students will have their login deleted with no refund.

“I'm having a lot of fun with the lessons and seem to be doing more thinking imaginatively than ever before. It's quite contagious!! I sincerely appreciate all the kind words and good tips.”

— Linda Adams, Kingsville, TX, creative writing student

What you get

  • 8 real-life secrets
  • 11 writing assignments
  • 30-minute video interview with Milli about the imagination
  • Milli's “no critique” policy so you can relax and post your assignments 
  • stories from Milli's writing adventures to help you connect more deeply
  • a powerful strategy for turning fear to creativity
  • helpful tips for avoiding self-sabotage during the course
  • training on how to get help when you need it (proven over the years to be invaluable to writers)
  • community with like-minded writers


Friendly reminder: You won't have to pay till you've had your enrollment call with Milli

“8 Secrets for Being a Happy Writer” online course


It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.

— Lucille Ball